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adVANCEment Learning is a local curriculum publisher that believes that every child deserves a strong educational foundation. This foundation begins with basic reading fundamentals, parent involvement, and an excitement for learning.  adVANCEment Learning believes in proficiency and excellence.  Statistics show that if a child is a poor reader at the end of First Grade, there is an 90% probability that the child will be a poor reader at the end of Fourth Grade.  adVANCEment Learning has designed a Primary student Reading Showcase to help promote early literacy and improve school’s standardized test scores. 

advancement Learning along with Foundations 4 adVANCEment are sponsoring the 3rd  Annual “The Journey of a Book Starts with a Word” Reading Showcase on Monday, April 3, 2017 from 4:00-7:00 PM.  This showcase will take place at Governors State University in University Park, IL.

Word List

 Purpose:  The Journey of a Book Starts with a Word” seeks to:

 a. Develop a lifelong love of reading in children

b. Encourage students’ curiosity and creativity in order to help them improve their community      

c. Showcase the reading abilities of primary students within the state of Illinois.

 Eligibility: All primary students grades preschool (3 years old) through first grade throughout the state of Illinois who are at or above grade level in reading.  These individuals should be fluent readers with great comprehension skills. Each school will host an individual school level competition conducted by adVANCEment Learning. From that competition those students who place first through third in each age group will advance to the state competition on April 3, 2017.


Criteria:  Students must place first through third in their school wide competition. Schools are allowed to have up to 10 students per grade level compete in their school wide competition. Students whose school is not hosting a school wide competition are still eligible for the state competition.  All students must be nominated by their current teacher and/or school’s principal.  All nominating teachers/principals must complete a nomination form for each participant. 


Fees:   School wide competitions are FREE .  There will a $25 participation fee per student for every student competing in the State competition on April 3, 2017.  This fee can be paid by the school, parents, or a sponsor in the form of a money order, cashiers/business check, or cash. Spectators will be charged a fee of $5 per adult and $2 for children over the age of 2.

 **No outside food and/or drink will be allowed. There will be a concession stand available.

 Areas of Evaluations:   Students will be assessed in the five essential components of reading, word recognition, and reading fair participation.

 Showcase Format:  The competition will be divided into three categories:

 a.    Private interview

1. Student will meet 1:1 with a judge to be assed on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension (oral and reading), and vocabulary.

 b.    Book Fair

1.    Students are required to bring a decorated science board (not a poster board) that represents one of their favorite books.  Family, friends, and spectators will have an allotted hour and a half to view boards, talk to authors, and vote on their favorite book board.  Students are encouraged to dress up to represent their book.  The top three finishers will be rewarded. 

2.    Students will be required to give a short 1 minutes review about their book.  This review should include but is not limited to students stating their first and last name, age, grade, book title, and a quick review of their book. 

c.    Word Recognition

1. During this portion of the showcase students will be asked to identify various Dolch and/or Fry sight words (ranging from pre primer through six grade).  Students will be allotted 3-5 seconds to correctly identify the words.  For each word the participant correctly identifies 1 point will be awarded.

Judging Format:   Students will receive points in each category for all correct answers given.  For the private interviews there will have one winner per grade.  In the sight word competition the top three finishers per grade will be rewarded.

Awards:  Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a T-shirt.  The second and third place finishers will receive medals.  The winners of the competition will be awarded a trophy, certificate, T-shirt along with a small cash prize.   

How to enter:   

a.      Allow adVANCEment Learning to host a school wide sight word competition at your school. **If your student’s school isn’t hosting a school wide competition they are still eligible for the state competition.

b.      Complete the student recommendation form for participating students.

c.       Mail recommendation forms to 32 East 34th Street Steger, IL 60475.

d.      Pay registration fee in the amount of $25 per participant here

 Important Dates:  

March 26, 2017 at 12:00 am is the deadline for all monies and nomination forms.  No participants will be accepted after this date.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

March 30, 2017 All participants will receive final detailed information in the mail or by email with complete instructions about the competition.

April 3, 2017 Showcase Check In and Book Fair setup will begin at 3:00 pm.  Private interviews will begin promptly at 4:00 pm, interview times will be listed in the participant packet.

 Attached you will find the word lists that will be used for the word recognition section of the competition. Please ensure that all students study these words in preparation for the upcoming competition.  If participants make it through the entire list of words during the competition challenge words will be used.­

*Please note that students do not need to know all of the attached sight words in order to be successful in this competition. However the more words your child knows the better.**This is not a spelling bee so participants will not be required to spell the sight words.

Please download teacher/principal recommendation form must also be completed and signed by the participant’s current teacher and/or school’s principal.  There should also be a current report card attached. 

For more information please contact Ms. Vance at (708) 248-5926