Exploration Interactive Learning Binder (2 Years old)



Exploration LEARN as you PLAY interactive learning binders are an excellent way to get your young scholar learning.  Our interactive binders are research based and aligned to the Common Core standards.  Each binder contains 18-25 interactive activities. Exploration interactive binders are a great reinforcement tool for our Exploration LEARN as you PLAY curriculum. Additional customized learning activities can be added to each learning binder.


Binder includes activities that meet the following curriculum targets:


  • Letters (Cc, Nn, Pp, Dd, Mm, Ss, Tt, Vv, Hh)
  • Initial Sounds
  • Rhyming
  • Sight words (18 words)


  • Counting/quantities (#’s 1-10)
  • Patterns (AB)
  • Number Identification (#’s 1-10)
  • Shapes (rectangle, triangle, circle, square)
  • Colors (white, orange, red, blue, yellow, green, black, purple)
  • Sorting (size, color)

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