Exploration LEARN as you PLAY monthly subscription box (5 year olds)


Monthly subscription boxes include:

1 Exploration early literacy learning bag activity, 1 math learning bag activity, 2 month long lesson plan outlines, 2 assessment forms, 2 progress monitoring forms, and a read aloud book.


ExplorationLEARN as you PLAY monthly subscription boxes are a professionally designed educational early childhood curriculum kit program filled with fun hands-on activities, math and early literacy experiences for children ages 2-5.

Our AFFORDABLE and TIME-SAVING monthly early childhood curriculum kits are designed for child care providers including homeschools, childcare centers, preschools, daycares, and parents.  Our curriculum is user friendly and built off the concept of mastery. We provide step by step easy to follow instructions that will not intimidate first time teachers and satisfies those who teach professionally.  All materials are research based and aligned to the common core standards.

Exploration’s Learning Box early childhood program kits are all inclusive and hassle free!


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